Top Unusual Dogs

Most people are familiar with many different dog breeds. Chows, Dalmatians, bassets and even the wrinkly shar-pei are common sites. The American Kennel Club recognizes over 150 distinct dog breeds but did you now that there are over 400 breeds recognized the world over? Some of these breeds are interesting and beautiful but many are not seen too often. You may see one of these dogs walking down the street with their owner and think, what kind of dog is that? You may just assume he is a strange looking mixed breed, but he may actually be one of the more uncommon dog breeds. Here is a list of some of the more interesting and unusual looking breeds.

Dogue de Bordeaux. This breed gained popularity as "Hooch" in the movie "Turner and Hooch". A large wrinkly faced dog, the dogue de Bordeaux tends to drool a lot.

Affenpinscher. Also called the monkey terrier, the affenpinscher is a toy dog with a face reminiscent of a monkey. Round eyes and a soft ruff around the face give this breed his characteristic look.

Japanese chin. Described as elegant yet comical, the chin is not well known in the United States. The dog has a distinct Oriental expression and an amazingly luxuriant coat. The head is big for his size and the eyes are set far apart, giving the chin a characteristic appearance.

Bull terrier. With a long sloping egg-shaped head, this dog stands out in a crowd. With small triangular eyes and erect ears, the bull terrier always causes a doubletake.

Clumber spaniel. The clumber is one of the largest of the spaniels. With a large head and lots of wrinkles, the clumber has been mistaken for a dwarf Saint Bernard.

Italian Spinone. A versatile hunting dog, the Italian spinone's eyes give the dog an eerily sweet human expression. With a thick wiry haircoat, the spinone is not your typical looking dog.

Pharaoh hound. The Pharaoh hound is a medium-sized dog with a long slender head that has the unique ability to blush. The erect ears are set high with a broad base and the nose is flesh colored. Just one look and you can readily see why these dogs were so revered they were found in ancient tombs.

Ibizan hound. When you see an Ibizan for the first time, you know you are looking at a purebred but are just not sure what breed. With his large erect ears and regal appearance, this dog is a sight to see.

Neapolitan Mastiff. Smaller than the Old English mastiff, the Neapolitan was recently accepted by the AKC. With his large broad head and facial folds, this dog is an imposing figure.

Dogo Argentino. Often mistaken as a white pit bull, the dogo is a dog developed by two brothers in Argentina. Also known as the Argentine mastiff, this dog has a large, powerful head and is always white.