Vet Tested and Approved – Top Dog Products We LOVE!

There are thousands of pet products on the market today. Estimated to be a $40 billion a year industry, pet products are big business with manufacturers trying to grab on to as much of the pie as possible.

Interestingly, it seems that the pet industry has not been affected by the recession as severely as businesses in other sectors. Pet owners still seem willing to shell out big bucks for products to pamper their pooches. But this is not surprising when we stop to realize that, for many pet owners, their dogs and cats are members of the family.

A while back, we attended some pet industry shows to find the very best new products for pet lovers! So we traveled the country, attending more than a half dozen shows from coast to coast, and we have researched hundreds (probably thousands) of pet products.

We have evaluated these pet products in a variety of ways, some more intensely than others. My friends call it "extreme product testing" because I like to test the product under some very intense conditions. Yes, I'll run over some toys with a car, toss them out a window, throw them in a lake, hit them with a hammer … you name it and I've probably done it! But I do it for a reason. Most importantly, we want to make sure that the pet products we recommend are safe, durable and appealing to pets.

Here are some of our favorite pet products.

1. Zero Odor – Dogs commonly urinate or make other messes in the house. Vomit, diarrhea and urine are particularly offensive odors that pet owners deal with on a regular basis. There are several products on the market that claim to combat odors, but they just don't work. Some just temporarily mask the smell while others do nothing at all. Zero Odor is different. This product really works. My team and I have tested this product along with dog owners just like you and we really love it. Bottom line, this product works. Zero Odor can eliminate those nasty odors for good.

2. Rapid Bath – Dogs need to be bathed regularly. But when a groomer bathes your dog, it can be quite expensive. We wanted to find a good quality product that lets you quickly and easily bathe your dog at home – and we found it. That product is Rapid Bath. This dog washing system attaches to any faucet, so you can use it to wash your dog in your shower or bathtub, or outside with a garden hose. It requires special shampoo cartridges, and I've been very impressed with the quality of these shampoos that include formulas for soothing, whitening, deep cleaning and allergies. This is a very good product that will bathe your dog in 5 minutes or less.

3. Drinkwell Pet Fountain – It is important that pets drink enough water, but just like us, many pets don't drink enough water to meet the daily recommendations. (After all, how many of us drink eight full 8-oz glasses of water a day?) It is hard to get pets to drink if they don't want to. But the Drinkwell 360 pet fountain can help them drink more. This is a great quality fountain with filtered streaming water. Pets prefer fresh running water. If I were to offer water in a bowl vs. the fountain, dogs go to the fountain. The Drinkwell 360 is recommended for small to medium size dogs weighing less than 50 lbs.

4. Drinkwell Bit Dog – Big dogs need big fountains, and this one is REALLY big! With a reservoir that holds more than 2-gallons of water, this is the largest capacity pet fountain on the market. The Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain is perfect for larger dogs and multi-pet households. Most dogs don't drink enough water, but this fountain can help your dog drink more. This is a great quality fountain with filtered streaming water. Pets prefer fresh running water. If I were to offer water in a bowl vs. the fountain, dogs go to the fountain.

5. Bissell Shedaway -Use this BEFORE the hair winds up on your floors, furniture and clothes. It's mess-free because it sucks the loose hair right into your vacuum. With its universal adapter, the ShedAway will fit most every vacuum. It's a simple solution to your shedding problems.

6. Bissell Pet Pack -The Bissell Pet Pack is an absolute "must have" for dog owners. It's a set of universal vacuum tools designed especially to pick up pet hair, and these attachments will fit any name brand vacuum. These tools are amazing. They have special rotating brushes and rubber "fingers" that grab onto stubborn pet hair and easily vacuum it away. It's like a big pet hair magnet! It's perfect for upholstery, rugs, stairways, cars … even those annoying "crevices" in between seat cushions.

7. Real Food Toppers – Even finicky eaters can't resist the amazing taste of Real Food Toppers. This healthy all-natural treat comes in two varieties: Pure Chicken Breast and Pure Wild Salmon. These all-meat treats are made from the same human-grade meats served in restaurants. It's low in sodium, has no added sugar or fillers and is perfect for dogs with health issues like obesity, diabetes and allergies. Serve dry or wet.

8. Dog Sitter DVD – Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone? Well, now you don't have to. You can turn your dog's lonely day into a fun-filled adventure with the Dog Sitter DVD Fun Pack. This amazing DVD will keep your dog happy, content and engaged for hours on end. Your dog will feel like he's outside in the great outdoors. He may not even notice you're gone! Your dog will have tons of fun playing with all his new video pals – squirrels, wild geese, raccoons, cats, mice and other dogs. Made especially for dogs, this DVD features stereo surround sound including some sounds only your dog can hear. So while you're away, your dog can PLAY!

9. Nutrivet Joint and Hip Supplements – One in every five dogs will develop arthritis. Is your dog one of them? If your dog has arthritis, chances are he will be in constant pain, even if he doesn't show it. So why risk painful joint and hip problems, swollen joints, muscle atrophy – even lameness – when you can protect your dog with a good glucosamine supplement like Nutri-Vet Joint and Hip? These liver-flavored chewable tablets taste like a yummy treat and they can help your dog enjoy life again.

10. Gentle Paws – This durable and easy-to-use nail grinder is a safe yet effective way to groom your dog's nails. Gentle Paws is easy to use, so there are no painful accidents. This grooming tool will not hurt your dog, because it files away the nail in thin layers … it doesn't cut. And it gives you smooth rounded nails in just minutes.

11. The Tux – by Zogoflex (West Paw Design) – This is a really tough chew toy that will stand up to your dog's teeth. It's fun to fetch and bounce, or you can fill the empty cavity with treats and let your dog figure out how to get them out as he plays. This toy is made to be fun and durable. It's also dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean off drool and dirt.

12. Tuffy Ultimate Ring – We were very impressed by the Tuffy Ultimate Ring. This dog toy is extremely DURABLE. It is a super-reinforced ring toy that is fun to play with … and it's built to last. This toy is not new to the market, but it remains at the top of our list nonetheless because it is a very durable play toy that dogs just love.

13.Bottle Crunchers – This is another great water bottle toy. Bottle Crunchers are brightly colored water bottle "safety sleeves" that fit snuggly over a water bottle to protect your dog's teeth from the sharp edges of the broken plastic. Bottle Crunchers come in a package of two, and they look like cute animals. Sometimes my dog Sweet Lips gets her Bottle Cruncher and just goes to town playing with it.

14. Music My Pet CD – The Music My Pet CD is made by the same people who brought you Disney's Baby Einstein. This beautiful music was designed to help pets relax (but pet owners love it, too). The classical music tracks on this CD were created using only those sounds and instruments that have been proven to be soothing to pets.

15. Knotties Bunny – When your dog sees this adorable plush bunny, it will be love at first bite! It's made of soft ribbed corduroy, but don't let that fool you – this is a tough interactive toy. Each arm and leg has a knot for your dog to gnaw on, and there are 5 fun squeakers hidden inside. This fun toy is designed to withstand over 100 lbs of tugging and pulling.

16. Nutrivet Salmon Oil – |Filled with nourishing omega fatty acids and antioxidants, Nutri-Vet Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil can really help your dog thrive. It has a delicious salmon taste that dogs love and it will help keep your dog healthy by promoting strong immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. This product also helps reduce shedding and gives your dog a lush, shiny coat.

17. Go dog Dragon – This adorable dragon is a plush dog toy that is as durable as it is fun. No toy is indestructible, but this toy is very well made. It uses a technology called "Chew Guard" to stand up to your dog's daily play. This toy is great for cuddlers, but it is also good for dogs that like to play a little rough. Comes in your choice of two fun colors: lime and coral.

18. Bungee wiener Dog Toys – This toy really STRETCHES playtime fun because it stretches like a bungee cord with super fun "bounce-back" action. This machine washable toy has durable construction that really lasts plus a squeaker and rattle for even more fun. The bungee wiener dog makes a great play companion.

19. Kissable Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set – The Kissable toothbrush and toothpaste set is the perfect way to fight doggy breath. We looked high and low to find the perfect toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, and this is it. This brush has a unique 3D design that brushes all three sides of the tooth at once, which cuts down on brushing time. The toothpaste has a very pleasant vanilla flavor that dogs really seem to enjoy.

20. Pet Tab Vitamins – Does your dog need a daily vitamin? Many dogs do. Your dog's food may not be giving him all the vitamins and minerals his body needs to stay healthy. All dog's metabolisms process vitamins differently. So even if your dog is on a premium food, he may still need a multi-vitamin. And Pet-Tabs vitamins are easy to give because they have a delicious liver flavor that dogs really like.

21. Tiger Dreamz Trundle Bed – This luxuriously soft faux fur bed is the perfect way to pamper your dog. The Tiger Dreamz 3-in-1 Trundle Bed has a convertible design that you can use in 3 different ways: as a flat mat or blanket, as a cup-shaped bed, or as a comfy "tunnel" shaped sleeping bag. This bed feels as luxurous as real fur, but it's machine washable.

22. The Furminator – No matter what kind of haircoat your dog has, shedding can be a real problem. Daily brushing can really cut down on shedding and the best grooming tool we found is the FURminator deShedding Tool. It can actually reduce shedding by as much as 90 percent! The unique patented design of this tool gets all the way through your dog's coat to his bottom coat, which is the source of most shedding. This tool really works!

23. Wagatha's Biscuits -These tasty all-natural 100% organic biscuits are made with the finest human quality ingredients. This healthy treat is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals … and they're delicious, so dogs just love them. Choose from the popular Breakfast Biscuits (with real maple, bananas, apples and oatmeal), Cranberry Cheddar, or a special Senior Biscuit specially formulated for older dogs.

25. Dogit Scooper and Rake -This is a very quick and easy way to clean up after your dog. The lightweight plastic scoop and rake set but an end to bending. They're easy to clean, they won't rust in the rain and they're easy to store (both tools snap together for easy storage). It really makes a nasty job better.

24. Everlasting Fun Ball – This is possibly the strongest chew toy ever made! I love this toy because it's made of thick puncture-resistant material that's super tough. For more fun, you can stuff it with treats. Or, as a refreshing summer cooler, dip the treat-filled ball in water and freeze solid, then give it to your dog to enjoy outdoors. This awesome toy comes in two fun sizes.

25. Pentapulls Squirrel – This crazy "X" shaped toy is great for tugging and pulling. This strong eco-friendly fabric is water resistant. The squirrel's arms and legs have no stuffing, which keeps them flexible for some good thrashing and shaking. This toy has 5 squeakers for extra fun.

26. Hydro-Go Canteen – This is a great pet canteen. The Hydro-Go fold-out pet canteen has 2 bowls for food and water and an adjustable carry strap to wear over your shoulder or around your waist. It holds 36 ounces of water to keep your dog hydrated. Once your dog drinks, the unique design allows you to easily pour the remaining water back into the canteen.

27. Doggie Doo Drain – The Doggie Doo Drain is a simple solution for cleaning up pet waste because it allows you to put the waste directly into the sewer line. Celebrity veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker named the Doggie Doo Drain one of his Top 10 Products. It puts an end to messy clean ups and lingering odors. This is a really great invention!

28. Doggie Tricks & Treats – Doggie Tricks & Treats is a very cute gift set for any dog owner. You get recipe cards for some easy-to-make dog treats and biscuit cutters in three fun shapes – bones, fire hydrants and hearts. There's even a book to help you teach your dog some fun new tricks.

29. Paw Print Magnets With Funny Sayings – Dog lovers look at life a little differently. In fact, everything is a little better when you think like a dog. These hilarious Paw Print Magnets let the entire world know that you're a dog lover and proud of it. Celebrate your love of dogs with messages like My Dog Is Smarter Than The President, My Children Have Four Paws, Obedience School Dropout and Your Dog Doesn't Know Sit.

30. Rapid Bath use Your Own Shampoo Bather – Giving your dog a bath can be quick and easy with this spray tool. This easy-to-use hand sprayer makes it simple. Just fill the reservoir with shampoo and you're ready to go. (You can use any doggy shampoo you like – even prescription shampoos.) This Rapid Bath model, washes and rinses your dog in just minutes – and you use only one hand for the sprayer so the other hand is free to control your dog. This is a great tool for washing your dog indoors and out, and it will cost you less than you'd pay for a single trip to the groomer!

I hope you enjoy these top dog products!

31. LINKABLES – Dogs are smart – in fact, they're as smart as a two or three year-old child. And because dogs are smart, they like smart toys that will challenge them intellectually and make them use their problem-solving skills. These "puzzle" toys will hold your dog's interest much longer than other types of toys, and when he solves the puzzle he is rewarded with a treat. Linkables™ is one of our favorite puzzle toys for medium to large size dogs because as your dog gets better at the "puzzle" you can continue to add new "links" to change the game. These heavy-duty treat-dispensing toys link together to form an ever-changing puzzle.

32. HYPER FLYING DUCK- If you're looking for a great outdoor fetch toy, take a look at the Flying Duck. This durable toy has heavy-duty construction that will stand up to your dog's teeth. And it's really fun for your dog because it launches over 100 feet. The Flying Duck also floats, so it's a great toy for water play, too. It's easy to use – just pull back on the elastic cord to stretch the duck's bungee neck and send it flying.

We really enjoyed testing these new pet products and we hope you will enjoy learning about them, too! They are our all-time favorites, and we think they'll be your favorites, too. Enjoy!