Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Pets, like small children, face the risk of drowning from not knowing how to swim. A responsible pet owner should be aware of the dangers that pools, rivers, lakes and the ocean present to pet owners. Acknowledging these dangers and using precaution will prevent you from putting your pet in harm's way.

  • Limit Access to Pools: Many dogs do not know how to swim. If you own a pet, make sure that your pool is securely fenced off from the rest of your backyard and that the gate is always closed when people enter and leave the pool area.
  • Invest in a Life Preserver: Most dogs are not great swimmers. If you plan to vacation on a boat or stay near a body of water with your pet, it would be a wise investment to purchase a life preserver. Companies have created vests outfitted specifically for pets.
  • Limit Time in Water: If your dog does enjoy swimming outdoors, be sure to limit the amount of time they spend in the water. A dog that is overexerted and can't swim back to shore is especially susceptible to drowning.

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    For more information, please read Water Safety.

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