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Another factor is the amount of time that you’re willing to spend maintaining the style on a daily basis. Longer fur may require about 10 minutes of brushing each day. However, it could prevent air from getting to the dog’s skin. This could be a problem if your dog has dandruff, hot spots, or other skin condition.c




Why Should You Groom Your Dog Regularly?

The Kentucky Humane Society explains that there are many reasons besides style to groom your dog regularly. Bathing with products designed for your dog’s skin and fur can remove debris and oils. preventing some skin problems from developing. Another common canine issue is crusty eye. Crusty eyes can be uncomfortable and can even turn into sores and become smelly. A groomer will help you style the fur so that it stays out of the eyes and will assist you in learning how to clean the area properly.

Some areas that are commonly missed while performing at home grooming include the inner ear, the area between the toes, and the undercoat. It’s important to trim the fur deep inside the ears to prevent infection. The fur between the toes can pick up dirt, burrs, debris, ice and mud that can be uncomfortable for the dog, it can also make the dog slip on slick surfaces.

Be Done With Bad Hair Days

What should you do if your dog gets a bad haircut? If the cut is too short, your dog’s sunburn risk could increase. Keep your dog indoors as much as possible until the hair grows out. Remember that the fur will always grow back, your dog’s hairstyle isn’t permanent. Smile, tell your dog that he looks handsome, and get recommendations for a new groomer. Do you ever give your dog hacky or out of this world haircuts? Share your fun haircut adventures with us in the comments below.





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