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What to Expect from a 9-Month-Old Puppy

Sometime after your dog reaches 6 months, he or she will plunge headlong into canine adolescence – where hormones rule. He tears through the house, leaving a mess in his wake. He’s suddenly shy and his happy personality has dissolved into moodiness. Like people, dogs react differently to puberty. Some have an easier time of it than others, but a “teenage dog” of any breed can display unpredictable, even uncharacteristic behavior – which can last an entire year. Behavior seems to depend more on the individual dog than on the breed.

What to Expect from a 12-Month-Old Puppy

Your puppy is entering adulthood, and by most is now considered a dog! Some 12-month-old dogs still act like adolescents and others are more mature. They should understand their rank and place in the family. The trial-and-error learning phase is over and they should be outgrowing their impulse to take everything in their mouth and chew on it. Most 12 month olds are still playful and curious, and need to have plenty of opportunity for exercise. Your dog should be housebroken and sleep through the night.

There are other things you can expect from your growing dog based on breed and size.



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