What to Look For in an Ethical Dog Breeder

Most dog lovers prefer to purchase their puppy from an ethical breeder. How do you find and ethical breeder? What do you look for when looking for an ethical breeder? With no national standard for dog breeding practices, it is up to the puppy buyer to do his homework before getting a dog.

Ethical Dog Breeders make it their life’s passion to learn about the history of their breed, canine health, genetics and structure and produce the best quality dogs possible. Great breeders care about their dogs and want to make sure the specific breed and puppy is a good for its new home. They are interested in forming relationships with their puppy buyers and want to have continued contact throughout the dogs’ lives to ensure they are valued members of the family.

There are traits you should look for in an ethical breeder, questions you should ask and things you should look for as you visit the breeder’s home. Here are some tips to help:

Traits of an Ethical Dog Breeder:

Questions to Ask the Breeder:

Things to Notice About the Breeders Environment:

Consider Choosing Another Breeder IF:

There are some red flags that may make you want to consider a different breeder.

An Ethical Dog Breeder will do 60% of the work for you in terms of providing you with a healthy, well-socialized puppy that has all of the necessary components for being a great family companion.

Buying your new puppy from an Ethical Dog Breeder that strives to produce dogs with great temperament and raises their puppies in a manner that promotes confident, social behavior is a must.