Your Favorite Brands Gone Wild: Big Companies Create Pet Products

With the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association reporting an estimated $38.4 billion dollars spent on pets in 2006, it's no surprise that many of our favorite companies are getting in on the action. After all, 63% of American households own a pet, so why not cater to the furry members of the family as well. This is great news for pet crazy people. Now you can get the products you love for the animals you love the best.

Matching Clothes for the Family

Don't you just love those spunky Old Navy commercials? Everyone in the family seems to be having a fabulous time cavorting about in their cozy Old Navy clothes. So why should Fido be left out of the party? That's what the folks at Old Navy asked themselves and created some dog-friendly merchandise. Check out their nautical hoodies and striped rugbys for dogs. They even have Valentine's day ringer t-shirts for your favorite canine. Keeping with the nautical theme, you can also find bright yellow rain slickers and fisherman's sweaters. They even offer plush squeak toys shaped like lobsters and squid.

If you love your hawg as much as your dog, you might want to take a peek at what Harley-Davidson has put together for the motorcycle loving canine. Harley-Davidson makes black vinyl jackets and jean jackets to match their jacket-wearing human companion as well as t-shirts and caps with the Harley-Davidson logo. They offer up lots of other dog-friendly products in their classic black and orange color scheme including collars and leashes. Their toys even have a bit of attitude and include a pig squeaky toy and plushy shaped like an oil can. And who could resist getting their dog a "bad to the bone" black bandana?

Hair Care for Everyone

Paul Mitchell noticed a lack of great hair care products for pets and decided to do something about it. He started John Paul Pet with the goal of offering the highest quality of products for pets. The ingredients were carefully researched for his formulations to ensure that the end result was a product that is beneficial to the pet's coat and skin. Mitchell follows the philosophy that he adheres to with his human products stating, "The products should be made with the highest quality ingredients that are best for the pets at an affordable cost." He also notes that his products are tested on humans first! The products include a tea tree shampoo for fleas and ticks, a whitening shampoo, an oatmeal shampoo and a tearless shampoo for cats and kittens. John Paul Pet also sells conditioning rinse and spray as well as cleansing wipes for waterless cleaning. Take a look at their toys and gift baskets as well.

Pet Gourmet

Even some of our favorite quality food producers are getting in on the act. If you love getting a choice cut of beef from Omaha Steaks, you'll definitely want to add an extra treat on to your order for the pets in your home. Omaha Steaks now offers gourmet steak treats for cats and dogs. They're cut from genuine round steak, dried and sprinkled with all natural preservatives.

No matter what your favorite big companies are, chances are that they will soon be offering a little something your pet can enjoy too. So keep a look out!