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30 Reasons to Take Your Dog To The Emergency Room

Top Reasons to Take Your Dog To The Emergency Room

When is it the right time to take your dog to the emergency room? When owners are reluctant to do so it’s typically for a good reason.

Emergency rooms are expensive and visiting one can take up your entire day so you don’t want to make the trek for a minor health problem.

There are many different emergencies that pets can experience. When faced with a possible medical problem, pet owners are often at a loss: do they visit the ER or wait until their regular vet opens? These guidelines will help you determine whether an issue warrants ER attention.

If your dog shows any of these 30 symptoms, it’s time to head into the emergency clinic:

1.Labored breathing
2.Excessively noisy breathing (not snoring)
3.Blue gums
4.Pale gums
5.Rapid respiratory rates (breathing fast and hard but not panting)
6.Excessive coughing
7.Coughing up blood
8.Urinating blood
9.Unable/straining to urinate
10.Bloody diarrhea
11.Not eating for more than 2 days
12.Ingestion of a indigestible object e.g. string, ribbon, or toys
13.Continued vomiting (more than 3 times)
14.Nonproductive vomiting (gagging)
15.Any type of trauma such as being hit by a car
16.Ingestion of any toxin
17.Bleeding from anywhere
18.Bite wounds
21.Not moving
22.Extreme lethargy
23.Yelping when moving
24.Inability to walk or dragging legs
25.Broken bones
26.Sensitivity or heat when touched
28.Excessive drooling
30.High heart rates (higher than 150 to 160 beats per minute at home)

Remember, the sooner a problem is addressed, the sooner and more effectively it can be treated. If in doubt, call your vet or emergency clinic and they can advise you on the best plan.