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Common Dog Disorders and Diseases Dog Owners Should Know

Being a dog owner is full of fun, games, and lots of fur. But being cautious about the health of your dog should be a priority.

Whether you have a puppy, or an older canine, there are symptoms, disorders, and diseases that affect them and it’s important to know the facts to take the right steps in helping your dog.

Need help in deciding if something is serious or not? Below comprises’s most helpful information on symptoms, diseases, and disorders that can affect your dog.

Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored in Dogs

There are many dog symptoms you should never ignore. Symptoms are the first sign that something bigger may be happening.

Common Disorders in Aging Dogs

As your dog gets older, so do their joints and organs. As the years go by, symptoms and diseases can develop or worsen. By learning more about common disorders and diseases and watching for symptoms, you can be your best pet parent self.

Common disorders for aging dogs: kidney disease, bladder stones, eye disorders,dental disease, heart disease

Understanding how age affects your dog can clue you into what is to come so you can be the best guardian to your best friend.

Here is more information on common disorders that older dogs tend to have.

Common Puppy Illnesses

There are common diseases and disorders that can affect puppies too. A quick guide to common puppy illnesses will help pet parents understand what is serious or not.

Other Canine Symptoms to Watch

Many times, diseases and symptoms are confused for one another. A disease is defined as a “disorder of structure or function that produces specific signs or symptoms that affect a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.” Whereas, a symptom is a physical or mental feature that indicates a condition of a disease.

Symptoms are what pet parents see when they believe something more could be wrong. Symptoms allow veterinarians to make a diagnosis on what could potentially be a larger problem, sickness, or disease.

Looking at some pet insurance claims from actual policy holders, we created a list of the Top 20 Symptoms of why dogs are taken to the vet.

Average Life Expectancy in Dogs

Every breed differs, but the average life span for a dog is around 12 years. The common belief that for every one year a dog lives, is seven in human years. Unfortunately, it’s not always true. There are few ways to calculate dog age based on size.

The Huge List of Dog Diseases

Here is the big alphabetical list of common diseases and conditions that can affect your dog.

When to Say Goodbye

Many diseases and disorders can be treated to help prolong the life of your dog. However, there are certain abilities every pet should be able to perform on a daily basis to assure quality of life. A pet owner has the final say, but a veterinarian can help with recommendations for diseases and objective outlines for disorders that will help give you more information toward a decision.

Euthanasia is a common animal practice. It is often referred to as an animal being “put to sleep.” Often times, pet parents feel guilty or have anxiety about the procedure, but it is a harmless and humane procedure.
Many pet parents on have dealt with the experience and shared with us.

Animal Diseases that Affect Humans

Diseases that can be transferred from animals to pets are called zoonotic diseases.

Some of the more common zoonotic diseases are the bubonic plague from rats, malaria from mosquitoes, and Lyme disease from ticks.

It’s important to know that there are also certain diseases your dog can transfer to you that will affect your health.