Dangerous Creatures… That Can Be Threats to Your Pet

To your lovable pet, the world may seem like a great, big friendly place. Your dog gets along with everybody – so why not make friends with that venomous snake or poisonous toad?

Unfortunately, quite a few dangers may be lurking or hiding in dark areas that your pet may want to explore. Your best defense is, of course, making sure your pet doesn't come into contact with these creatures. Most of them would prefer to avoid your dog and cat as well, but collisions between species do occur, especially if you and your pet spend time outside.

Below is a brief description of a few of the dangers. Click on the story to learn more about what to look for and how to keep your pet safe.

Black Widow Spiders….More Than an Itsy Bitsy Bite
The female black widow is a danger to more than just its male mate – she carries enough neurotoxic venom to injure or kill a small pet.

The Threat of The Brown Recluse Spider
A bite from a brown recluse spider will leave a wound that could take weeks to heal. If your pet is bitten, you'd better turn up the sympathy after visiting the veterinarian.

Poisonous Lizards: The Gila Monster and Beaded Lizard
Fearsome in appearance and deliberate in movement, the Gila monster and its Mexican cousin, the beaded lizard, very rarely attack pets, but once they bite they may not let go.

The Dangers of a Pit Viper
Each year, pit vipers strike about 15,000 pets in the United States, making them a significant risk to pets that spend time outdoors. Field dogs are at the greatest risk.

What To Do If A Scorpion Stings Your Pet
Scorpions can get into your house and take up residence with you, so you should know what to do if one stings your pet.

Poisonous Toads and Your Pet
Hallucinations and heart trouble are just two of the effects toad toxins can have on your pet, and your dog doesn't even need to touch a frog to be poisoned.