A dog eats spilled food off of the floor.

Breaking News: Dog Food Recall (9/22/2020)

On September 22nd, Phoenix, Arizona’s Real Pet Food Company issued a voluntary recall for one of its dog food products.

Which Product is Being Recalled?

This recall only applies to one variety of the Real Pet Food Company’s dog food:

Why Is This Dog Food Being Recalled?

As of the 22nd, Real Pet Food Company has not received any complaints from pet owners. They were inspired to announce the recall when state investigators discovered Salmonella bacteria in a bag of the aforementioned product. The organization has stopped producing and distributing the product and is collaborating with the FDA to investigate the incident.

Pet food contaminated with Salmonella can affect both pets who eat it and pet parents who handle it. Affected individuals typically suffer from symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and severe abdominal cramps. Pets who’ve ingested the bacteria may exhibit similar symptoms, as well as sluggishness and fever. Even asymptomatic pets may be capable of infecting others. Symptoms rarely last more than a few days, but pet parents should contact their veterinarian immediately if they believe their pet has ingested contaminated food.

What Should I Do?

If you have potentially-contaminated dog food in your home, discard it immediately. Retailers should also remove the product from their shelves. The FDA encourages anyone seeking a refund to call Real Pet Food (1-800-467-5494) for assistance.

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