Dog had dental surgery, most teeth removed

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I am about to adopt a "puppy mill" lovable beagle from Animal Rescue. She just had dental surgery yesterday and I was told she had "most of her teeth" removed. I have never had a dog without teeth and since I am on a fixed income, I was wondering if I will encounter any problems because of this but most of all, will she be okay. I have a beagle and an older dog who is 17. I love them both and want to love "Becky" but need to know what is in the future for both of us. Please let me know if you have had any experience with dogs without teeth. Love your information.

Thanks so much.

Connie Knapik


Hi – thanks for your email. Connie – if your new dog is otherwise healthy, not having teeth should not be a problem. I have seen many dogs over the years without any teeth that do really well.

Most dogs don't chew their food all that well anyway and tend to swallow the kibble whole. You especially know this if you've had a dog that has vomiting after he ate and it looks like the whole undigested kibble that he just ate.

Depending on the dogs, some dogs with no teeth will eat dry food without a problem. Some dogs prefer and tend to do better on canned food. Alternatively, you can feed dry softened up with some water.

There are no long term problems from not having teeth. I'm glad to hear you adopted Becky!

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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