can dogs eat carrots

Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Dog owners commonly ponder about the toxicity of foods. The questions about the safety of different foods increased after learning that certain foods were toxic and have received a lot of press coverage. The most important foods are chocolate, grapes and raisins, and peanut butter. Exposure to the dangers of these foods have encouraged pet owners ask about other foods such as carrots.

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Dogs often love the crunchy texture of carrots and can enjoy this as a healthy snack. Carrots are low in calories and have approximately 85 to 95% water and is a good source of vitamin K, potassium, beta-carotene, fiber and antioxidants.

Carrots (Daucus carota) are root vegetables, most commonly orange in color, domesticated from a wild carrot native to Europe and southwestern Asia. There are multiple varieties that can vary in color from the classic orange to purple, red, white, yellow and even black.

The answer to the question, can dogs eat carrots …the answer is yes. Carrots make a very good low-calorie treat for overweight dogs.

Please note: Any food can cause gastrointestinal upset in dogs. What may not bother one dog may bother another dog. The same can happen in people. Some foods can bother some people and not others.

The Dangers of Carrots to Dogs

When researching the safety of carrots for dogs, there are two considerations that impact the danger.

Pancreatitis or gastrointestinal upset in dogs that aren’t used to carrots or carrots cooked with seasonings and butter. Too much oil, fat, or seasoning can lead to gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis.

  1. Risk of choking from eating large prices of carrots. This is more common in small dogs but can occur in any dog. Some dogs are not good at “chewing” their food and the danger of choking can occur.
  2. However, be aware that just because your dog can eat an occasional small piece of carrots, doesn’t suggest it is safe to give him your leftover salad. Salads often include additional ingredients, such as onions, garlic or even raisins, which can be toxic. However, it is generally okay to give your dog a piece of carrot.

Do Dogs Need Carrots

There is nothing in carrots that dogs require. What dogs do need is a high-quality AAFCO approved dog food. Learn more about what dogs require in their diet with this article: Nutrition in Dogs.

The Safest Way to Give Carrots to Dogs

The safest and healthiest way to give carrots to your dog is to give small pieces or amount of fresh cut carrot. Make sure the carrots are washed thoroughly to remove pesticides, fertilizers and potential contaminate such as E. coli or listeria. Cooked carrots are also a healthy option and best when unseasoned and steamed. Excess butter or seasoning can cause gastrointestinal upset in some dogs.

If your dog shows any sign of illness after eating carrots, please call your veterinarian or closest veterinary emergency clinic immediately.