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Learn more about this situation – when a dog will eat treats but not his food. Go to: What to do When Your Dog Won’t Eat His Food — But He Will Eat Treats

Here Are the Best Dog Foods for Picky Dogs

What are the best dog foods for picky dogs? The best food is both extremely palatable and nutritious. Having this combination can make choosing the best dog food for picky dogs a challenge.  Some foods that are highly palatable are not the best quality and definitely not the most nutritious. It’s probably like junk food or fast food for us. We may really like that fast food hamburger but it may not be our healthiest and most nutritious choice.

After researching various food companies, some food brands that we have found to be both good quality and highly palpable are:

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food
  • Zignature
  • Acana
  • Fromm
  • Orijen
  • Natures Recipe
  • Wellness Core
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Stella and Chewy’s

Consider if you want canned, dry or a combination and consider what flavor your dog may like. Offer not only food that your dog historically has liked best but also different flavors or textures to see if you can find something appealing to your dog. If your dog likes chicken based foods, you can try a new chicken-based food or offer something different such as salmon, turkey, venison, duck, or beef.

Here’s How to Help a Puppy Who Will Not Eat

What do you do about a puppy that will not eat? This can be serious, especially with puppies that are very young. Puppies less than three months, especially the small and toy breed dogs are predisposed to hypoglycemia which is a low blood sugar when they don’t eat.  This is referred to as juvenile hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia in puppies occurs commonly due to their inability to regulate their blood glucose concentrations, especially during times of “stress”. Symptoms of a low blood sugar may include lethargy, weakness, trembling, muscle twitching, and seizures.

For this reason, it is extremely important to get puppies to eat. All the tips above work for puppies but more commonly feeding canned foods work. To further encourage puppies to eat, you may heat a small amount of the canned food in the microwave for a few seconds to release the aromas (but please make sure it is not too hot to the touch) to help stimulate your puppies interest in the food. You may also try to feed baby food such as a chicken baby food. When mixed with water, baby food can be easy to pull up in a syringe to gently syringe fed. Sometimes getting a small amount of food into a dog or puppy can encourage them to want to eat.  If you decide to syringe feed your puppy, make sure your puppy is alert and able to properly swallow. Force-feeding can cause aspiration pneumonia.

Feed only a small amount at a time to ensure your puppy tolerates it and doesn’t start vomiting.

Why won’t a puppy eat?

The reasons that a puppy won’t eat can range from minor things to things that are very serious.  Common causes can include gastrointestinal parasites, viral diseases, and/or bacterial infections. There are many other causes that can include ingestion of toxins, ingestion of indigestible objects and many more possibilities. Often there are additional symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea with many of these potential illnesses.

What do you do next to help a puppy that will not eat?

If you try different foods, canned food, baby food, a bland diet, treats, heating up foods, gently syringe feeding some food…. and your puppy still will not eat, the best recommendation is to take your puppy to your veterinarian.

You may want to take a stool sample with you and be ready to answer the questions about if your puppy is vomiting, having diarrhea, has had a food change, gotten into the trash or is displaying other symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, and/or coughing.   Here is more information and tips on How to Help a Puppy Who Will Not Eat

What’s the Best Tasting Dry Dog Food for Your Pet?

Dog owners commonly ask about what is the best tasting dry dog food.  This is an excellent question with no simple answer. In some ways, it would be like asking a group of people dining at a restaurant what is the best item on the menu? Some may prefer a fish meal, others the steak, and yet others a good pasta dish.  Yet others may prefer a fast food burger.


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