Great Tips to Help You Give Your Dog Medications

How do you make your dog take a pill or liquid medication? How how about applying topical medications?

Giving medication to a dog can be a real challenge. Here are some tips from our veterinarians and veterinary technicians on how to give your dog pill medication, topical medication, liquid medication, ear medication, and eye medication to your dog.

I've found that a lot of people hate it just as much as their dogs do! Unfortunately most dogs need some kind of medication at least once in their lives so today I want to share some resources which can make the process much easier.

How to Administer Pill Medication to Your Dog – This article has some very good tips on how to get your dog to swallow pills.

How to Apply Topical Medication to Your Dog – Learn how to apply topical medication with the least amount of stress to your dog.

How to Administer Ear Medication to Your Dog – Many pets are especially fussy when it comes to medications for ear mites and ear infections so these tips are very useful.

How to Administer Eye Medication to Your Dog – These medications can be a real challenge but a few shortcuts can make giving them easier.

How to Administer Liquid Medication to Your Dog. Many antibiotics come in liquid form which work great for small dogs. Here are some tips.

How to Give Injectable Medication to Your Dog – This isn't common but occasionally veterinarians will prescribe injectable medications that you give at home. Learn more here.

For pets that are really impossible to pill – you can get Flavored Medications for Dogs.

These instructions are worth printing and keeping in a first aid or health file for your pet. You never know when you will need it.

I hope these tips help you give your dog different types of medications weather in liquid, pill, or topical forms.

One more thing. You should only give your dog medications that your veterinarian has approved. Giving "human" medicines to your dog can be very dangerous. Read more on 3 Medications You Should Never Give Your Dog.