dog depression symptoms

What are Dog Depression Symptoms?

Many dog lovers may wonder about dog depression and potential dog depression symptoms. There is a lot of news coverage and information about human depression, so if people get depression, why can’t dogs? In this article, we will look at the topic of dog depression and review dog depression symptoms.

Depression in dogs is much harder to define or document than it is in humans. After all, grief and sadness are normal human emotions but not emotions we commonly recognize in dogs. What can make understanding depression in dogs even more difficult is the fact that every dog can respond differently to any given situation.

Common Dog Depression Symptoms

The symptoms of depression can vary not only between dogs, but also between breeds and breed lines. Even dogs from the same litter can respond differently just as children from the same family can respond differently to a situation or stressor.

Signs of depression in dogs may include:

Symptoms That Show if the Depression is Severe

All the above are serious symptoms however the dog depression symptoms that impact the health of your dog or have the potential to cause injury to you or other dogs are most important.

There are many different treatments for dogs with depression. To learn more, go to:

How to Tell if it’s Actual Depression or Not, and When to Seek Vet Advice

If your dog is showing what you believe to be signs of depression, please see your veterinarian. It is important to ensure that the dog depression symptoms you believe your dog is displaying are indeed from depression and not from an underlying disease or a medical problem.

I’ve personally seen a dog recently named “Baily” that lost his owner and was rehomed with the owner’s daughter and son-in-law. Baily’s appetite was less and over a few weeks she lost weight. The new owners mentioned this casually while at the clinic with a different pet. I suggested that they bring Baily in for an examination which they did the very next day. Bloodwork and the examination revealed that Baily had a mass on her spleen. This was removed surgically and Baily is once again the happy dog she used to be! Don’t assume a behavioral change is depression. See your vet to rule out medical problems.

Learn more about depression in dogs. Go to: Is My Dog Depressed? How to Help Your Pup. Did you know there is a type of puppy depression where owners that adopt puppies get depressed? Learn more about this. Go to: What is Puppy Depression (the kind People Get)?

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