zinc deficiency in dogs

Zinc Deficiency (Zinc Responsive Dermatosis) in Dogs

Overview of Zinc Deficiency in Dogs

Zinc deficiency in dogs can cause hair loss and skin problems. Zinc is an essential mineral required for the production of over 300 enzymes necessary for various bodily functions including healthy skin and hair, normal immune function, normal thyroid function, wound healing, and normal sexual function.

Zinc should be a normal component of a dog’s diet. The absence of zinc in the diet can cause various abnormalities affecting the skin, metabolic function and immune function. Zinc deficiency causes the condition called zinc responsive dermatosis.

Zinc isn’t readily or easily absorbed by intestine of dogs. It is estimated that only 5 to 40% of ingested zinc is absorbed in normal dogs.

Causes of Zinc Deficiency in Dogs

Causes and risk factors for canine zinc deficiency include:

What to Watch For

Signs of zinc deficiency in dogs may include:

Severely affected dogs may display:

Diagnosis of Zinc Deficiency in Dogs

Diagnosis of zinc deficiency is often made based on the clinical signs and history. Other diagnostic possibilities may include:

Treatment of Zinc Deficiency in Dogs

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