Ear Tumors in Dogs

Overview of Ear Tumors in Dogs

Ear tumors are growths associated with the dog’s ear and the most common include ceruminous gland adenoma or adenocarcinoma, sebaceous gland tumor and basal cell tumor. Depending on the tumor type there may or may not be an underlying cause. Chronic inflammation may predispose tumor formation.

What to Watch For

Early in the illness, many dogs are have no clinical signs, and tumors are often incidental findings.

Diagnosis of Possible Ear Tumors in Dogs

Treatment of Canine Ear Tumors

The treatment depends on the tumor type, size, and location. Surgical resection or removal is the treatment of choice.

Home Care and Prevention

Follow all instructions given to you by your veterinarian. If your dog has a recurrence of signs, contact your veterinarian at once. Prognosis varies depending on the type, location, size, and ability to remove the tumor surgically.

Preventing ear tumors can be difficult. Prompt treatment of chronic ear problems can help.