Enophthalmos in Dogs

Overview of Canine Enophthalmos

Enophthalmus is a displacement of the eyeball backwards into the orbit. This can be seen in dogs and depending on the underlying cause, different ages and breeds are affected. Some dog owners refer to exophthalmus as a “sunken eye”. In some dogs, the eye abnormal eye will appear smaller.

General Causes of Enophthalmos in Dogs

What to Watch For

Diagnosis of Enophthalmos in Dogs

A thorough ocular evaluation is of paramount importance. Additional tests include:

Treatment of Enophthalmos in Dogs

Depending on the underlying cause, specific therapy may be indicated:

Home Care and Prevention

Administer all medication as directed by your veterinarian and return for follow up.

Due to the many causes of enophthalmus, there is no specific preventative care.