Estrogen Toxicity in Dogs

Overview of Canine Estrogen Toxicity

Estrogen toxicity is a condition in which a group of estrogen compounds (female hormones), either produced in excess within the body or administered from the outside, become poisonous to the body. Estrogen toxicity is seen most commonly in reproductive-age females and aged male dogs.

Estrogen toxicity can occur due to estrogen-producing tumors or from the administration of estrogen type medications. These medications are often used to treat a multitude of disorders. Examples include diseases of the prostate, anal tumors, and urinary incontinence (inability to control urination).

What to Watch For

Signs of Estrogen toxicity in dogs may include:

Diagnosis of Estrogen Toxicity in Dogs

A variety of tests may be necessary to diagnose estrogen toxicity and determine the severity. Recommended tests in dogs may include:

Treatment of Estrogen Toxicity in Dogs

Home Care and Prevention

Administer all prescribed medication by your veterinarian. Watch your dog closely for any change in his/her condition. Recovery may take anywhere from several weeks to several months.

Do not administer estrogen containing compounds to your dog unless instructed by your veterinarian and monitored very closely.