Getting the Most Out of Your Dog Visit to Your Veterinarian

Your pet retreats to the shadows beneath your bed and refuses to budge. He's trembling as if he just saw Big Foot. And, now that you think about it, your stomach is doing a little rocking and rolling itself. It's OK. Visiting your veterinarian can be stressful for all involved. Your pet's health is at the heart of the matter and, of course, a little anxiety is understandable.

Know, however, that it's important for you as the owner, to pay strict attention and take an active role, whether you're at the animal clinic for an emergency or a routine matter. After all, a lot of information gets passed back and forth in a short period. Medical terminology can be confusing. And even the best of us can forget details, misunderstand directions, or simply be overwhelmed in the moment.

Take heart, though. Getting the most out of your veterinary visit is eminently possible. What it calls for is some old-fashioned planning, a willingness to voice concerns and, like a good golf swing, follow-through.

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