A New Favorite Food for America’s Favorite Breed

Healthy food for America's favorite dog breed: the Labrador Retriever.
Healthy food for America's favorite dog breed: the Labrador Retriever.

Table of Contents:

  1. Potential Health Concerns from Head to Toe
  2. Part of the Problem
  3. A Healthy Lab with Ollie
  4. Ollie: Best of Breed Dog Food

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It’s official, Americans still love Labradors. This week, the American Kennel Club revealed the country’s most popular dog breeds for 2019. Labs topped the list for the 29th-consecutive year.

Potential Health Concerns from Head to Toe

There are a number of reasons the Labrador Retriever has spent almost three decades as the nation’s favorite dog. Their health, unfortunately, is not one of them. Labradors are a uniquely friendly and personable breed, but they’re also uniquely susceptible to a number of common health issues.


Between 30% and 60% of all dogs are overweight or obese. The problem is especially common in Labradors. So common, in fact, that scientists suspect the breed may have a genetic predisposition toward gaining weight. These dogs are positively obsessed with food and that behavior can lead to weight gain and, eventually, a number of additional health issues. An obese dog is especially likely to suffer from depression, digestive trouble, and arthritis.


Like obesity, diabetes is more than just one health condition. If your lab is diabetic, they’re more likely to suffer from a slew of other health problems. Untreated, diabetes can leave your dog struggling with sluggishness and vomiting, as well as more serious ailments. Vets have yet to identify a link between diabetes and genetics in labs, but the disease is highly prevalent in the breed.

Joint Pain

Outgoing, active, and adventurous Labradors are full of energy, but genetic conditions like elbow and hip dysplasia can extinguish that playful attitude. Weight gain can quickly make a bad situation worse and leave your dog struggling to walk, let alone run and play.

Unhealthy food can exacerbate genetic conditions like joint issues in Labrador retrievers.
Joint pain isn’t spoiling this lab’s sunny day.

Part of the Problem

As you can probably see, your dog’s health issues often have a domino effect. What knocks over that first domino? A number of things play a role, but your Labrador’s food could be one of the worst offenders. Most brands aren’t offering everything your dog needs and many offer a whole lot they definitely don’t.

The average brand of canned and bagged food is loaded with artificial additives that may cause new health problems and exacerbate existing ones. Even the pricey, premium brands aren’t always doing much better.

A Healthy Lab with Ollie

Keeping your dog happy and healthy can feel like a losing battle. In addition to potential genetics issues, pet parents are typically forced to contend with expense and inconvenience to provide a healthy diet. Ollie makes it easier. With carefully-crafted recipes and a convenient direct-to-consumer model, Ollie takes the hassle out of pet nutrition.

Ollie foods can’t cure your dog’s illnesses, but they can go a long way in keeping them from getting sick in the first place. You won’t find artificial ingredients or mysterious additives in Ollie. Instead, you’ll find:

  • Protein-rich organ meats to promote healthy muscles and bones
  • Omega 3 fatty acids to help alleviate joint pain, slow brain aging, and strengthen your dog’s heart
  • Superfoods like chia seeds and blueberries to provide antioxidants and other essential minerals
  • Fiber-packed whole grains to support healthy digestion and nuclear absorption

Ollie: Best of Breed Dog Food

Your lab will love Ollie. So will your friend’s bulldog, your neighbor’s poodle, and your co-worker’s mutt. Dogs of every breed, age, size, and activity level love Ollie’s taste and wholesome nutrition — and their humans love the convenience. Learn more about how Ollie can help you take control of your dog’s diet and give them the gift of a long and healthy life.

Content Sponsored by Ollie Pets Inc.

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