Is Your Dog at Risk for Bloat?

Understanding Risk Factors for Canine Bloat

Canine bloat, also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is the common cause of death for several large and giant breeds. It is a life-threatening disorder and if left untreated, results in death.

Is your dog at risk?

Questions to Assess a Dog’s Risk Factors for Bloat

Answer the following questions and add the associated points to determine your dogs risks for bloat.

Answer to Risk Factor Assessment for Bloat

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Conclusion on Risk Factors for Bloat in Dogs

From the research performed to date, we can list several factors that, added together, can characterize the typical dog that develops bloat: a deep and narrow chest; leanness; a relative that has had a bloat episode; eating quickly; a dry-food diet; a single, large daily meal; stress; and a fearful, nervous, or aggressive temperament.

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