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Laundry or Dishwasher Detergent Pod Toxicity in Dogs

Overview of Detergent Pod Toxicity in Dogs

Laundry and dishwasher detergent pods are single use packages of detergent shaped into balls or rectangles shapes commonly referred to as “pods”. The detergent is packaged with an outer wrapper that is easily dissolved by water. The laundry detergent pods come in round and rectangular shapes and attractive colors that attract dogs and appear as toys. Some dogs will play with, bat, chase, as well as bite in to or ingest these “pods”.

Pets have a long history of exposure to various soaps and detergents but the potential for toxicity has increased with the development of washer-friendly “soap pod” packaging.This new packaging is convenient and cleaner than traditional liquids or powders. However, the toy-like appearance of the pods can attract a pet’s attention more easily than other detergents. In the course of playing, your dog may ingest some or all of the soap as well as the wrapper.

According to the Pet Product Hotline – signs can be severe because they pods are highly concentrated and pressurized. When the pod is punctured, the pressure can cause product to forcefully enter the pets mouth which can be ingested or aspirated (inhaled) in to the lungs. It is also possible for ingestion of a pod to cause ulcerations in the stomach.

Symptoms of Laundry or Dishwasher Detergent Pod Toxicity:

Chemical oral burns may not show up immediately. It may be several hours before you notice any of the following symptoms:

According to the Pet Poison Helpline (PPH), severe clinical signs were associated with dogs exposed to the detergent pods. PPH data showed that 72.19% of pets developed clinical signs including vomiting, cough, lethargy, and trouble breathing.

Diagnosis of Detergent Pod Toxicity in Dogs

The determination of a toxicity diagnosis is most often based on the history of ingestion of a detergent pod. Some pet owners may not witness ingestion but see or smell detergent in the vomit.

Treatment of Detergent Pod in Dogs

The treatment for soap or detergent ingestion depends on the type of chemicals ingested and how much of the mouth, esophagus and stomach are involved. There is no specific antidote. The primary treatment is to dilute the exposed site as much as possible.

The following guidelines are useful for immediate care prior to veterinary attention:






Prevention of Laundry or Dishwasher Detergent Pod Toxicity

It is crucial to keep all chemicals safely stored away from inquisitive pets. Do not leave household cleaners unattended near your dog.

We hope this gives you more information about laundry pod and dishwasher detergent ingestion and toxicity.