Lens Luxation in Dogs


Home Care and Prevention for Lens Luxation in Dogs

Following initial therapy, the pressure within the eye (IOP) is monitored closely, and all medications are continued at home.

After removal of the lens an initial recheck is usually scheduled for five to seven days following surgery, then at two to three weeks, then at four to six weeks, and so on. Chronic monitoring of IOP is indicated because many of the breeds of dogs that are prone to lens luxation are also prone to glaucoma.

Monitoring the lens position is also important if the lens is loose, but still in place. Your veterinarian may instruct you to watch for signs of glaucoma such as redness, eye swelling, pain and squinting. If a primary lens luxation is diagnosed in one eye, the other eye must be closely monitored for degeneration of the zonules and loosening of the lens.

Most cases of lens luxation cannot be prevented in the dog. Affected dogs should not be used for breeding purposes.


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