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My Dog Needs Medicine – Where Do I Get It?

When we need medication, we go to the physician, get a written prescription and pick up the medicine at a pharmacy. But what do we do for our dogs? Actually, it can be just as easy. Nearly all medication for animals is available from your veterinarian or a local human pharmacy.

If necessary, your veterinarian can even write a prescription for your dog, which is easily filled at any human pharmacy. Many drugs that are used in people can also be used in dogs. For this reason, human medicine can also be prescribed for animals. However, never give human medicine to a dog without careful, detailed instructions from your veterinarian. Dogs have different metabolisms, which means that drugs won’t react the same way in your pet as it does in you. Even over-the-counter medication such as aspirin can be dangerous or even fatal.

What do you do if your dog needs medication that has been determined to be unsafe for humans and is no longer available? Fortunately, there are a select number of pharmacies that continue to manufacture drugs such as propulsid, phenylpropanalamine, etc. that are no longer readily available. These pharmacies are known as compounding pharmacies and your veterinarian will have access to these pharmacies and the necessary drugs.