Ovarian Tumors in Dogs

Overview of Canine Ovarian Tumors

Ovarian tumors are cancerous growths associated with the ovaries, which are the female sex glands where eggs are formed. It is unclear what contributes to the cause of ovarian tumors, except the presence of ovaries in an intact female dog. There are many different types of ovarian tumors, with carcinomas being the most common.

Ovarian tumors are rare in dogs, which more likely reflects neutering practices than resistance to tumor formation. The majority of cases are seen in older dogs, although teratomas are seen in younger dogs. Boston terriers, German shepherds and poodles have a higher incidence of tumors.

What to Watch For

Signs of ovarian tumors in dogs may include:

Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumors in Dogs

Treatment of Ovarian Tumors in Dogs

Home Care and Prevention

It is very important to follow the instructions given to you by your veterinarian. Follow up with abdominal and thoracic radiographs every several months to monitor for recurrence and metastasis is indicated.

Although some dogs do well, the prognosis with ovarian tumors remains guarded.

The best way to prevent ovarian tumors is to remove the ovaries. Have your dog spayed early in life.