Pros and Cons of Spaying and Neutering in Dogs



Neutering – The Negative Side

  • Neutering is sterilization.

    Neutering will result in the sterilization of your dog. He will no longer be able to reproduce, so if you intend to breed your animal, do not have him neutered. 

  • Neutering changes his appearance.

    Your dog will look different because his testicles will no longer be present. If the absence of these organs is a cosmetic problem for you, discuss testicular implants with your veterinarian.

  • Neutering may cause weight gain. 

    Some pets gain weight after neutering. Cutting back on his food or increasing his activity can help reduce the weight gain. 

    Last year about 17 million dogs and cats were turned over to animal shelters. Only one out of every 10 taken in to the shelters found a home. This means that over 13.5 million had to be destroyed. The tragedy is that this is unnecessary. Much of the problem could be eliminated by simple surgery: Spaying and neutering operations are performed under general anesthesia and are quite painless. By neutering pets, owners can help lower the numbers of unwanted and homeless creatures.



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    1. I loved when you mentioned how spaying your animals can help control overpopulation and reduce the number of animals that end up on the streets. It makes sense to think that doing this can help you find the best procedure for the type of animal you have. We are planning on getting a dog and we want to make sure we find the best spaying services for it, so I’m glad I found your post.

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