Ten Worst Excuses NOT To Spay or Neuter a Dog

Excuse #1. She/he will gain weight.

She will gain weight only if you let him or her gain weight. Pets, like people, may have a tendency to be less active and gain weight with age. You have total control over if your pet is overweight because they usually get 100% of their calories from you. Encouraging exercise by walking or playing with your pet will also help to keep your pet trim.

Excuse #2. She/he will be less active.

Neutered pets may be quieter and more content since they do not have the hormonal desire to roam and mate. They still love to play! Some of their activity level will be up to you and whether you have the time to play and walk your pet.

Excuse #3. He won't look the same.

Dogs that are neutered will no longer have testicles. If this is a problem, there are testicular implants that can be placed in dogs so he looks the same. This is not a problem for most pet owners.

Excuse 4. It would be good for my kids to have the experience of having "puppies".

Kids can experience the miracle of life without their pet having puppies or kittens. Check out educational videos at the local library.

Excuse #5. Everyone wants puppies and kittens – it will be easy to find them homes.

This is not true – thousands of puppies and kittens are put-to-sleep each week because they are unwanted. Pet overpopulation is a serious issue and by allowing your dog to have litters, you are adding to the problem.

Excuse #6. It wont cost me any money to breed my pet so why not?

Don't be so sure. It is not uncommon to have unexpected expenses related to pregnancy and delivery problems as well as sick puppies and kittens. And the puppies and kittens will need shots that also cost money.

Excuse #7. It is healthier for them to have a litter.

This is not true. Pets that are neutered are less likely to get certain diseases and cancers. For example, dogs that are spayed early are at much lower risk for breast cancer and have no risk for uterine cancer or infections. Male dogs are less likely to get certain prostate problems and their risk for testicular cancer is eliminated.

Excuse #8. My pet will have a different personality if I fix him/her.

That may be true but likely the personality will be better. Neutered pets are generally calmer, gentler and more affectionate.

Excuse #9. She is so cute I want to have another pet just like her.

Most puppies do not turn out just like their parents. If you expect to have a litter so you will have a pet just like your current one, you are likely to be disappointed.

Excuse #10. My pet will be angry with me if I have them "fixed".

Pets do not think like we do and will not be "angry" with you. They will be healthier and happier for being fixed. Providing that you give your pet the essentials of food, exercise, love, good health care and some of your precious time, they will love you back.