The Most Unusual Things Dogs Will Eat – See Our List!

The Most Unusual Things Dogs Will Eat – See Our List!

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List of Most Unusual Things Dogs Will Eat

Some dogs will eat just about anything… literally!

The odd nibble of a non-food item isn’t always dangerous, but it becomes a problem when dogs ingest things which are not digestible. This causes a gastrointestinal foreign body, meaning that whatever “thing” the dog ate got stuck somewhere in the intestinal tract and caused a blockage or other problem. These gastrointestinal foreign bodies often require surgery to remove the blockage before damage occurs.

And do you think these dogs learn from their mistakes? Most often they don’t. Most dogs that tend to eat “bad” things will go on and keep getting into things they shouldn’t. I’ve personally seen dogs that had 6 different surgeries to remove underwear from his intestine.

Here are some of the strangest objects we’ve seen dogs eat. Some of these are really shocking!

  • 3 light bulbs (eaten by a Labrador retriever)
  • 7 tennis balls (eaten by a Beagle)
  • Marijuana – This is a relatively common problem. Do you know what veterinarians do when this happens? Find out.
  • Plastic prescription bottles – One clinic had a Basset hound eat a bottle of ibuprofen, but what was so unusual is the dog ate the entire bottle… intact!
  • Cassette tape – A Labrador ate an entire cassette tape inch by inch. This resulted in a surgery that required approximately 2 feet of his dead bowel to be removed.
  • Remote controls – Dogs love chewing on this and if they chew it up small enough they can pass the parts. But if the chunks are big they get stuck, and that’s another surgery!
  • Cotton balls – A dog named Brutus had a history of eating several foreign objects including remote controls, laptop keyboard parts, toys, and more, most of which he passed. But the thing that thing that put him in the hospital and nearly killed him was cotton balls. They not show on x-rays and could not be passed, requiring surgery to remove them.
  • 13 Beanie Babies – The vet only was able to diagnose this Golden retriever’s problem because they could see the wire in the snake Beanie. The abdominal x-rays looked normal otherwise. Can you imagine eating thirteen beanie babies?
  • 25 feet of plastic wrap – A Golden retriever ate 25 feet of wrap in a magic handkerchief-type of trick. In surgery his veterinarian just kept pulling it out a few feet at a time until all 25 feet were removed.
  • FIVE pounds of gummy bears – Yes, really! These were ingested by a wild and crazy English Bulldog. The candy congealed and fermented into an interesting wine-type consistency that was eventually removed by the vet.
  • Corn cobs – These rough, immovable objects often get “stuck” in the intestine and need a lot of help to remove.
  • Underwear – This is actually a pretty common item eaten by dogs, but the most memorable claim was a Labrador retriever who ate a thong that didn’t belong to the owner’s wife.
  • Rocks – It is difficult for many owners to understand this behavior; in fact we have an article on the subject at Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?
  • A little everything – A dog ate a jar of home-made plum jam, frozen chicken breasts thawing on the counter, a $20 bill that he passed in two pieces.
  • Tax return – one Wild and crazy Labrador ate up his owner’s tax return!
  • Chocolates – a golden retriever ate a box of Godiva chocolates, a 12 pack of rolls (and the plastic bag they were in), and an entire pizza (along with most of the cardboard box).As you can see, dogs do eat objects that can’t be digested and can require lifesaving surgery to remove them. This behavior is most common in puppies and dogs under the age of 2 years but can happen with any dog.

    Some older dogs get bored and will get into trouble as a result. Some vets see more problem object eaten in February when they don’t get out and are bored.

    Please read our article Do Dogs Get Cabin Fever? for more information.

    Don’t assume that your dog won’t chew on or ingest something just because they’re an adult or are typically well behaved. Open trashcans are common targets-especially those containing meat wrappers, table scraps or spoiled foods. Underwear and socks are also very common “snacks,” as are bathroom trash cans with tampons or maxi pads..

    Keep your dog safe by making sure that trash cans stay covered and children’s toys and clothes are picked up around the house. Doing so can help prevent your dog from eating indigestible items.

    Symptoms of problems may include vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain. Please see your vet if spot any of these signs or if you have any health concerns about your dog.


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