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The Virtues of Vinegar For Dogs, Rabbits and Fish

The Benefits of Vinegar for Dogs, Rabbits and Fish

Looking for a new, improved way to clean up for your menagerie? Vinegar comes to the rescue!

Dogs: All canines can use a bath from time to time. After using a mild and natural shampoo, add about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a pitcher of warm water, poured over your dog, and watch the remaining soap come out. It can add a shine to your pooch’s coat, too.

Rabbits: “White vinegar is an inexpensive, safe way to clean your rabbits litter pan. Spritz the litter pan with white vinegar to clean and deodorize. Let the pan soak if there is a urine buildup and then rinse clean,” recommends Kim Cope’l, a small animal lover at Lake Tahoe.

Fish: Ready to clean the fish aquarium but don’t know what to use? Don’t despair! Turn to all natural vinegar to do the job easy and fast. Take distilled white vinegar and mix it with water as you clean the tank. Rinse well and repeat.

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