Urethritis in Dogs

Overview of Canine Urethritis

Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra due to injury, infection or cancer. The urethra swells and narrows, and the flow of urine is impeded. Both urination and the urgency to urinate increase. It is seen in both dogs and cats. Depending on the cause of urethritis, different age, breed and sex of dogs and cats may be affected.

Causes of Urethritis in Dogs

What to Watch For

Signs of Urethritis in dogs may include:

Diagnosis of Urethritis in Dogs

Treatment of Urethritis in Dogs

Treatment is based on the underlying cause:

Home Care and Prevention

Monitor the patient’s ability to urinate. Contact your veterinarian at once if there are concerns. Administer all medication as directed by your veterinarian and return for follow up as directed.

Addressing underlying causes at once may help prevent urethritis. Since the cause is unknown, there is no known preventative for idiopathic urethritis.