Vitamin Toxicity in Dogs

Overview of Canine Vitamin Toxicity

Vitamin toxicity in dogs occurs when the intake of a dietary vitamin exceeds the normal requirement causing adverse clinical signs or disease. Normal requirements differ for different vitamins and there are a variety of causes of vitamin toxicity, depending on the type of vitamin.

Vitamin A Toxicity

Vitamin B-6 Toxicity

Vitamin C

Vitamin D Toxicity

What To Watch For

Clinical signs of vitamin toxicity depend on the vitamin, the amount ingested and the length of time the ingestion occurs.

Veterinary Care

Diagnosis is based largely on signs of intoxication coupled with a history of ingestion or oversupplementation.

Diagnostic Tests for Vitamin Toxicity in Dogs

Treatment of Vitamin Toxicity in Dogs

Treatment is largely supportive and symptomatic and depends on the underlying vitamin toxicity.

Home Care and Prevention

Follow all recommendations, dietary and otherwise, as directed by your veterinarian. Avoid diets that are unusually high in these vitamins and feed balanced diets. Do not oversupplement pets with vitamins, and keep all medication, including vitamins and poisons meant for varmints, out of the reach of your dog.