Winter Hazards in Dogs

As the mercury plunges, the seasonal winter rituals begin. We break out winter clothing, weatherproof our homes, and limit our time outdoors. We also prepare for the winter holidays.

In addition to getting ourselves ready for winter, we shouldn't forget our pets. Providing a safe environment for them is also important.

Outdoor Threats

Some products made for winter can be very dangerous or even lethal to pets. Ice melts, salts and antifreeze are three commonly used products that can make pets very ill.

The cold weather and winter conditions pose their own dangers:

Indoor Hazards

As the outside temperature falls, people and pets tend to spend more time indoors. Be sure your home is safe.

Holidays should be a time for joy. Exercising some prudence and care can keep it that way. Here's how to keep a pet safe:

The Tree

The Gifts

The Food

Winter is a wonderful and beautiful season. The ice covered ponds, snow capped trees, children sledding and making snow angels. With a little care and precaution, pet hazards can be avoided and the winter can be thoroughly enjoyed!