Martha Stewart: A Pet’s Good Friend

Martha Stewart: A Pet’s Good Friend

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What do Martha Stewart and pet lovers have in common? Cats and dogs. The guru of savvy homemaking knows how to cook with ease and success – and still has time to tend to her very fluffy menagerie.

She is the author of more than a baker’s dozen books on food, entertaining and gardening, maintains a web site, publishes her magazine Martha Stewart Living and appears on a regular spot on TV. In fact, she does all that plus she even has featured her own furry four-legged companions on pet segments of the Martha Stewart television show.

According to a garden-variety of sources, this inspirational celebrity is owned by six Himalayans: Four of them boast the tags of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Verdi; and the pair Teeny and Weeny. Add four chow chows: Their names include Zu-2, Max, Paw Paw and Chin Chin.

Now, you’ve got to give this busy, high profile pet person kudos. Not only is she a successful businesswoman, she is faced with the high maintenance grooming and care requirements of these very, very fluffy cat and dog breeds. Chow chows require brushing three times a week. Plus, four exercise periods of about 80 minutes a day. And Himalayans, a longhaired pussycat, require daily combing and brushing to prevent matting. You do the math!

Meanwhile, you can bet that can-do Martha Stewart, doesn’t have idle hands at her home in Connecticut amid those fluffy “do-me” critters. This pet-loving Leo (the sign of the Lion is energetic and generous) born on August 3, 1941 in Jersey City, New Jersey (and raised in Nutley) is a household word today due to her multi-talents. But despite her hectic schedule, she doesn’t forget her pets or her pet-loving fans.

From time to time, you can view her balls of fluff on her TV show as she dishes out pet smart do-it yourself pet tips. And surely, these cats and dogs find it a “good thing” to be living with a pet’s good friend – Martha Stewart – in her purr-fect home.

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