dog laying down

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts, Just ask Nessie!

Sometimes you know the moment you see a dog that you were meant to be best friends. The dog may even pick you! You should always trust your heart and not your first impressions. Just like with people, first impressions are sometimes wrong. Your new canine friend may very well surprise you.

I just read a great story about a dog that did just that. Nessie, mixed breed dog, had a lot more going on than anyone imagined.

Nessie, short for Baroness, was rescued from a local animal shelter. When her new owner spied her walking in the exercise yard, she was immediately in love. However, when she asked a volunteer about the big black dog wandering with a gentle demeanor through the yard she was told the dog wasn’t the brightest of the bunch. In fact the volunteer noted that the big dog was a little slow and pointed to her head.

Nessie’s new friend wasn’t dissuaded though, she took her home anyway and found that the Labrador/Greyhound mix wasn’t the least bit slow. She could sit, stay, come and rode well in the car. Nessie was just gentle, careful how she took treats and moved about in her 109 pound frame.

Today, Nessie continues to show off her smarts. She can retrieve her toys when asked for them by name. She can even give her best friend a ride to shore when they are swimming with the simple command of “tow.” First impressions can certainly be deceiving!

Many dogs end up in shelters and rescues because of circumstance not behavior problems. No one knows why Nessie fell on hard times, but it certainly wasn’t because of her demeanor and lack of smarts. Some of the best dogs in the world are in need of rescue. Don’t forget to look at your shelter first when you’re looking for a new friend!