dog ate clumping cat litter

Dog Ate Clumping Cat Litter – Vet’s Advice On Dog that Ate Clumping Litter

My dog ate clumping cat litter, what do I do?

Many dogs will get into the litter box and eat cat feces. It is a common joke among many and they often refer to cat feces as dog “tootsie rolls”. To try to minimize this problem, prevent your dog from having access to the litter box. This can be done by giving your cat access by kitty door to a room that your dog doesn’t can go in. This can be as simple as keeping one room in your home closed with a kitty door with only cat access or putting up a baby gate that you cat can jump to provide cat only access. You can also place it high in an area your dog can’t jump to but make sure it is comfortable and easily accessible to your cat.

If a dog eats enough, it is possible for the litter to cause constipation or a gastrointestinal obstruction. If your dog is vomiting, reluctant to eat or has a loss of appetite, acting lethargic, or straining to defecate, please see your veterinarian to determine if the ingestion of clumping cat litter is causing a problem in your dog.