Dog ate tainted food – how long to be worried?

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Hi Dr. Debra,

Since the recall started I have been so afraid. My dog will be 1-year-old this Saturday and I am overdue getting her spayed because she has ingested 2 or 3 cans of tainted food and I don’t want her going under anesthetic. I had a previous cat die getting neutered at the vet a few years ago, so I’m already afraid, but now with this going on I don’t know what to do! My dog is so important to me, and is truly my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is a Lab/Sheppard/Husky mix and is so human-like. I will never find such a wonderful dog again and she has really brought our family together.

My question is, with all this going around I am so afraid to feed her any pet food, wet or dry. Do you know where I can find some good healthy dog food recipes for her that I can make on my own? Also, is it ok that she eats dinner with us as long as I take into account the foods she shouldn’t be eating? (I have a list of foods dogs can’t eat that I follow.) However it is quite expensive giving her a whole plate of our dinner, which is why I would like to know where I could find some easy healthy pet food recipes.

Thank you so much for all the info you have giving on the recall. I wish there was something I could do to help also, but I have been sending your link to everyone I know, even those who don’t have dogs and cats. Luckily my cats have not eaten any tainted food. I also know going back to dry food won’t work because she’s getting too used to our food now and no longer has much interest in our.

Thanks so much for your help and research.

Michelle Bezaire


Hi – thanks for your email Michelle. Sounds like you have a wonderful dog! I totally understand how you feel and hear it from clients all the time. This food recall has really knocked everyone on their heels not knowing what to do.

I understand your concern about foods and potential desire to make food but it is uncommon that pet owners can consistently make a good quality nutritious food long term. I’d recommend feeding your dog a premium food AAFCO approved that is not on the recall list. That is the most nutritious route. Look for a premium food not on the recall list.

If you still want to make yhour dog food, I’ll give you a link to some dog food recipe we put on the site a while back. You really need to be dedicated to the recipes to ensure the food is balanced and nutritious. Also, here is a list of dangerous human foods that you should not feed your dog. Check out these links – I think they might answer your questions.

As far as how long to worry after a dog has eaten the food, from what I understand affects from eating the contaminated food should be apparent within a few weeks. If it has been longer than that, she is doing well, you are probably okay. Another thing to consider is that you could have blood work done to assess kidney function just to be extra safe and if all is well, the anesthesia should be okay.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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