Dog Eating Clumping Cat Litter – Vet’s Advice on Dog Eating Clumping Cat Litter DOGS

Why does my dog eat clumping cat litter?

Many people may think that dogs that eat clumping cat litter have a nutritional deficiency. Since many dogs participate in this unpleasant activity, a nutritional problem is highly unlikely. The reason most dogs eat clumping cat litter is that it tastes good to them. This may sound disgusting but it is what many dogs like. It is difficult to train dogs to stop this behavior. The best way to prevent your dog from eating clumping cat litter, or any type of litter with cat feces for that matter, is to prevent access to the litter box.

Arrange the box in a place that only the cat can get to. Or try a pet gate. The gate can be placed a little higher than the floor. This can allow the cat to get under the gate to the litter box but prevent medium to larger dogs from getting to it. Another option is to place a brick in the door way leading to the room with the litter box. Use a bungee cord to hold the door against the brick. This will allow the cat to slip through the space but keep the dog out. Trying to prevent dogs from eating clumping cat litter can be important. Dogs that eat large amounts of cat litter can become sick due to impactions or constipation. Any dog that strains to have a bowel movement, isn’t eating or is vomiting should be examined by a veterinarian.