Dog Medication Acepromazine – Vet’s Advice On Dog Medication Acepromazine

Do you know anything about the dog medication Acepromazine?

The dog medication “acepromazine” is a commonly used tranquilizer in dogs. It is also known PromAce®, Aceproject®, as well as several other generic preparations. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians commonly refer to it as “ace”. The dog medication acepromazine depresses the central nervous system by modifying chemicals in the brain to change the pets behavior. It is often used with other sedative type drugs in the hospital to provide sedation that may be required for different procedures (such as x-rays or wound care). It comes in both and injectable and oral formulations. The dog medication acepromazine is used primarily to reduce anxiety and fear in dogs. Many owners are given a prescription for acepromazine by a veterinarian for use in dogs that are sensitive to car rides or have fears of storms or fireworks. For more information about acepromazine, click here.