Dog Muzzle Keep From Barking – Vet’s Advice On A Muzzle To Keep A Dog From Barki

Is there a dog muzzle to keep from barking?

Barking is a common problem in many dogs. However it is not recommended to use a dog muzzle to keep a dog from barking. I’ve seen muzzles damage the dogs skin and they are considered by most to be inhumane. I’ve actually heard of people who were turned into animal control for dog abuse because they used a muzzle to keep their dog from barking.

There are a variety of other products to reduce barking. Some use a citronella spray to curb barking. Citronella is a citrus oil that dogs find distasteful. In a study where citronella collars were compared to shock collars, citronella collars were found more effective in controlling barking. There is also a box or collar that emits a high-pitched alarm when the dog barks. For serious barking problems, a collar that emits a brief electric shock is also available but should only be used as a last resort. For more information on why dogs bark and how to deal with barking, click here.