Dog Shampoo For Male Dogs – Vet’s Advice On Dog Shampoo For Male Dogs

Are there any special dog shampoos for male dogs?

Dog shampoo for male dogs. Interesting question. I asked several of my veterinarian friends if there was a dog shampoo for male dogs that they know of and they all said no. There are no special shampoos specifically for male dogs. Any dog shampoo can be used in either male and female dogs. However there are some shampoos that have a more “masculine” scent than other shampoos. If you want your dog to have a manly sent, stay away from the floral and sweet smelling shampoos. One alternative to create a dog shampoo for male dogs is to use an unscented shampoo and put a drop of a man’s cologne in it to give it that extra smell boost. Remember, to keep the shampoo away from the eyes of your dog. Good luck!