Dry Dog Shampoo – Vet’s Advice On Dry Dog Shampoo

What is dry dog shampoo and how does it work?

Dry dog shampoo is a powdered product that can be sprinkled or sprayed on your pet. It contains ingredients that help to remove oil and dirt in the hair. The dry dog shampoo is sprinkled or sprayed on your dog’s haircoat and rubbed in. Next, your dog is brushed. It can work pretty well as a temporary fix to remove superficial oil and dirt. However, it does not replace a good old-fashioned bath. Many of the products are perfumed to give you the illusion of freshness. However, most pet owners are not happy with the long-term performance of these products. If you can’t do a good old-fashioned bath yourself, dry dog shampoo is an alternative. You may also consider having a groomer bathe your dog.

Dry dog shampoo may best used in either young or elderly pets that are weak, recovering from surgery or are not in a condition amendable to bathing.