IMPORTANT – New Treat Danger, Over 600 dogs Dead

We wanted to give you an update on the recent deadly treat issue.

You may have heard in the news that over 580 dogs have died and over 3,600 (so far) are ill with links to jerky treats made in China, as per federal animal health officials. They have also identified that this problem affects cats – with more than a ten deaths.

Dogs affected have been of all ages, sizes and breeds. They believe the illness occurs after eating chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky treats made in China. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials are trying to determine the specific brands of treats affected and the causative agent.

I received a letter from the FDA asking for my help. They want veterinarians that examine and treat a pet they believed are ill due to jerky treats – to send any detailed information including blood and urine test results.

Signs of illness can include gastrointestinal upset in 60% of the affected pets and about 30% show signs of kidney failure or urinary problems.

For more information about possible symptoms – please read: