How To Make A Dog Bed, Sew Dog Bed – Vet’s Advice On How To Make A Dog Bed

How do you make a dog bed or sew a dog bed?

Do you know how to make a dog bed or sew a dog bed? Making a dog bed can be fun and you have the opportunity to use a variety of fabric patterns. Patterns for beds can be found on the internet and some specialty pet stores. Get a pattern that is large enough for your pet to sleep in comfortably and get fabric that is sturdy and long lasting. Dog beds can be round, square or rectangular and your dog will love your homemade gift!

Making a dog bed can be as simple as stitching a square of fabric together on three and one half sides, filling it with stuffing and closing the rest. The type of stuffing, filler or cushion you use will depend on what you want. Most pets like a thick fluffy cushion that is comfortable.

An easy solution you can try is to buy a big pillow or a sofa cushion from a throw-a-way couch and cover it. It is ideal if there is a zipper and the fabric can be easily washed. Many patterns are available for more elaborate beds and cushions. Good luck making a dog bed and sewing a dog bed!

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