Make A Dog Muzzle – Vet’s Advice On Making A Dog Muzzle

How do you make a dog muzzle?

It is not uncommon for someone to call me asking how to make a dog muzzle in a hurry. The situation is often that they are trying to rescue their own pet or an injured pet they found that is acting aggressive (probably secondary to the pain but they can still cause severe injuries). The procedure to make a dog muzzle is relatively easy. All you need is a long piece of gauze, thick rope, a leash, or even panty hose. Create a loop in the gauze, roop or leash. The loop is then placed around the dog’s muzzle then crossed underneath the muzzle. The two ends are then tied behind the ears. If the dog is acting like he/she is going to vomit, the muzzle must be removed immediately.