Puppy Dog Ramps: Vet’s Advice On Puppy Dog Ramps

Where can I find good puppy dog ramps?

Puppy dog ramps are graduated ramps that allow your dog (puppy or adult) to climb in our out of something. That “something” can be a swimming pool, vehicle, bed, or sofa. They may be useful for dogs with injuries, to prevent injuries, or to aid pets with arthritis. Puppy dog ramps are generally made of aluminum, plastic or wood and the length can vary depending on your use or need. Some puppy dog ramps are carpeted foam units, modular with a lot of flexibility and water proof (see www.puppystairs.com). The size of puppy dog ramps can vary and its strength should support the weight of your dog. Many ramps are extendable making the length adjustable and some designs fold for easy storage. Puppy dog ramps should be sturdy, stable and durable. When using or shopping for a model, make sure it appears to firmly seat on each end. The last thing you want is for the ramp to fall over. The last feature to consider is traction. Many will have a textured floor of some sort or carpet that will allow your dog to have good footing and balance Ideally the puppy dog ramp will also be easy to clean. You can buy puppy dog ramps online and in most pet stores.

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