Shampoo Bar For Dog – Vet’s Advice On Shampoo Bar For Dogs

Is there a shampoo bar for dogs?

There are several brands of shampoo bars for dogs. It is used in dogs the same way it is used in people, by using water to create a lather. Shampoo bars for dogs are portable, easy to use, and generally create very little waste. They can often last for more washes than the liquid soaps.

To use a shampoo bar for dogs, gently wet your dog with warm water. Run the bar of soap around and over your dog’s coat. Rub until you get the amount of lather you want. Rub and rinse well. Avoid soap around the eye area!

I have a client that makes her own shampoo bar for dogs and she says it works great. She even made several bars and gave them to my technicians at Christmas with a little shampoo mitt. My technicians said it worked great! Here is her recipe:

Shampoo Bar for Dog