How Do You Shampoo A Dog – Vet’s Advice On How To Shampoo A Dog

How do you shampoo a dog?

It is important to know how to shampoo a dog safely. Here is what you will need to shampoo your dog:

Before you shampoo your dog, put cotton balls in your dog’s ears to prevent water from going in the ears. Consider putting artificial tear ointment in the eyes to prevent shampoo getting into the eyes. Place the dog in the bathtub and have towels nearby. Gently wet the dog with warm water. Make sure you use plenty of praise when he behaves well! Rub him in all his favorite places. Use dog shampoo and lather the coat being careful around the face. Lather and scrub well then gently rinse the soap with warm water. Dry your dog with a towel and be prepared for him or her to shake. Don’t forget to remove the cotton balls from the ears. For more tips on bathing your dog, click here. For tips on choosing a shampoo for your dog, click here.