7 Great Tips for Bathing Your Dog

For most of us, bathing our dogs can be a far cry from “fun” – in fact, it can be a real chore. Some dogs hate it and some tolerate it, but very few love it.

Here are some tips to make this tough job a little easier.

1. Be prepared – Get everything you will need together before you begin: shampoo, brush, comb, hose, cotton, towel, etc.

2. Pick the right spot – Some small dogs are easy to bathe in the sink. Bathtubs and showers can work for bigger dogs, and outdoor baths can be ideal.

3. All hands on deck – Make sure you have enough help. Bathing your dog by yourself can be a real challenge. An extra set of hands can make a big difference.

4. Protect your pet’s eyes and ears – Make sure you don’t get water in the ears and shampoo in the eyes. These are common causes of eye ulcers and ear infections.

5. Consider a good dog bather – Dog bathers hold the shampoo inside and run water through it, so you can wash your pet quickly, without any help. The Rapid Bath is a great bathing tool that will make a BIG difference. These are available on Ebay, Amazon and some retailers.

6. Be patient – Stressing and yelling at your dog will only make it that much harder next time you try to bathe your dog.

7. Give plenty of positive reinforcement – Praise your dog when he is good. Give treats. This will make him remember the good things associated with bath time.

I hope these tips make bathing your dog a little easier.